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Hey Home Care Boss you are now taking the first steps toward your journey of joining the 96 Billion Dollar Home Care industry. You can get a 30 minute  Advising Session with the purchase of the book.


In 2008 I made the same decision to start my own company as well and did not have the tools, or advising that could have saved me thousands of dollars.

I created this interactive workbook to help you identify, plan and use critical thinking to start your own business.


The workbook covers:

  • What you should consider
  • Funding: How am I going to pay for this
  • Choosing your business Structure
  • Licensed vs Non Licensed
  • Office Set up Like a Boss
  • Staffing: Your employees
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Growing: Get that business growing
  • Do's and Don'ts
  • How to write a Correction Plan


The workbook is filled with quotes and so much bonus gems, don't wait get your book today.


Click here to reserve a one on one session with me to guide your first steps with the starting your Million Dollar Home Care Business!

Digital Workbook & 30 min Zoom Advising Session

  • All Sales Are Final.

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